Wonderland –
The Glass Table

The opening gambit. The inaugural part,
I need a first image but where shall I start?
Studying Alice quite some time I have spent,
My vision of her tale I humbly present.

The Glass Table

Wonderland –
Inject Me

On Caroll's strange stories these images hinge,
But Instead of a bottle Alice finds a syringe,
Interpretation in this case, perhaps not quite legit,
Artistic licence was taken, but only a bit.

Inject Me

Wonderland –

Injecting the potion, Alice feels she gets smaller,
Is that really what happened? Or did the table get taller?
Percepting the environment enveloping you,
Is entirely dependant on your point of view.


Wonderland –
24 x 18 x 18

In the absence of a soft, warm bed,
Where should a person rest their head?
A shelter made of card and glue?
Discarded packaging will have to do.


Wonderland –
20 x 15 x 15

A few moments of slumber, Alice wakes with a start!
Her chosen shelter may not have been smart!
Atempting to sleep in cardboard junk,
Is even more unpleasant now that its shrunk!


Wonderland –
16 x 12 x 12

The effect of narcotic through syringe, smoke or pill?
The box it appears, gets smaller still,
When Alice first climbed in, she fitted with ease,
Now even curled up, it's a bit of a squeeze.